Bad Brownies

Well hello strangers! Apologies for my absence but over the past few weeks my life seems to have upped its pace and I’ve barely had any time for kitchen experiments. Monday just gone though, I finally had a few minutes to try something new. This time, it was brownies…yes, you have understood that correctly, I’ve never made brownies before.

It’s safe to say that despite following a recipe, they didn’t quite go according to plan.

This was my brownie before it went into the oven:


This was my brownie after its bake:


I genuinely have no idea what went wrong! I baked it for the minimum time the recipe said and it didn’t taste dry. Equally, the middle wasn’t as gooey as others I’ve had but somehow it just fell to pieces.

We still ate and enjoyed it but I’d rather been hoping to create fairly uniform brownie squares.

Any brownie experts out there know what I need to do?

So that’s all the update I have for now…another slightly off bake! Have a super weekend everyone! x


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