Mindful Chef (and other recipe boxes)

Hello again!

You might remember I said I’d share with you my Mindful Chef box experience and here it is. I’ve tried a couple of other recipe boxes in the past as well, so I’ll throw in some comparisons to those so you have a bit of an idea of what you’ll get if you choose to head down this path.

On that note, I have my first ever fish box coming next week – that’ll be an interesting one as I don’t eat much fish usually. Wish me luck!

So, onto the Mindful Chef piece…

In case you’ve been hiding under a rock and the whole recipe box thing has completely passed you by so far, recipe boxes are designed to get us in the kitchen, cooking relatively healthy recipes with minimal fuss. You choose a selection of recipes, usually for three meals and in return you are sent recipe cards and the right amount of each of the ingredients to combine accordingly and produce the finished dish.

Mindful Chef dropped onto my radar recently and I was really impressed by the fact that their recipes are gluten and dairy free. I’ve also recently tried Hello Fresh but stopped using them because the range of gluten free recipes was pretty limited. While the BF was away, I decided it was the perfect time to try a Mindful Chef box for one person.

I got as far as my first two recipes and then I ended up having a takeaway; I find it incredibly boring having to cook dinner every night. Usually the BF and I do some swapsies during the week, else I end up on ready meals!

For one person, the meals were HUGE! I mean seriously huge; a lesser pig than me would probably have split each one into two meals but I bravely ploughed on through!

Both of these recipes happen to be vegan but that’s because I chose them, trying to get my veg intake up, meat options are available. One was based on smoked quinoa which was new to me (and delicious), with veg kebabs; the other was a Mexican style salad. The ingredients provided were really fresh and I have to say, I did feel proud of myself for making and eating these recipes because they were so healthy!

The only other comparison I want to throw in is the Abel & Cole recipe box; this one is organic and because Abel & Cole sell so much more than recipe boxes, you can have your recipes delivered with your weekly eggs, milk, cheese, fruit, etc. as well. Personally, I think that’s even more convenient than just the recipes. I’ve also had some pretty adventurous recipes in the Abel & Cole boxes before, because they allow you to select how much of a keen bean you are in the kitchen as well. For me, that makes the whole thing much more exciting!

In summary then, I highly recommend trying Mindful Chef but I would also recommend trying some other recipe boxes too until you find the one that suits you best. It’s much better for you than getting takeaways all the time and most of them offer an introductory rate so you can try them out for a fraction of the usual price. The worst that can happen is you stop after just one box 🙂


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