I’m back and I’m bragging!

Gooooood morning everyone and welcome to what, to me at least, seems to be a rather fresh Monday morning! That might be because I have been fortunate enough to spend the last week in Paphos, sunning myself and sitting in a hydro pool – this English weather is just such a shock to the system!

I said on my last post that you could expect a Mindful Chef post next, and you can…next but one. The BF and I had an absolutely delish meal on our final night away so I’m going to be a Billy Bragger and share just two photos with you, because I’m nice like that!

In case anyone is out there, this amazing food was served by Theo’s Restaurant down at the harbour.


Just look at the grilled octopus in that first photo, and it was sooooooooo tender. Then there’s the presentation of my tuna in the second photo, served with delicious salsa. Super duper scrummy!

That is all my friends, this one is literally a post to ask you to look at my food. x


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