Still on the muffins…

I won’t lie, I haven’t done a huge amount of cooking recently, even though I have done a huge amount of eating – I mean who doesn’t like gaining a few pounds before going on holiday!?!

What I have squeezed in though is a couple of attempts at my grain free, refined sugar free muffins. I haven’t quite perfected them yet but I’m getting there!

First off, I tried an update on the previous batch and instead of trying to make them orange flavour, I embraced the bakewell-like flavour and added loads of raspberries instead. While the flavour was good, I clearly had too much fruit in there as they came out quite “gacky” and soggy in the middle. I’ll keep working on those and share a recipe as soon as I can!

I also tried another take on getting the orange flavour in and made a chocolate orange version. This time, I got the muffin part just right but I stupidly pushed myself too far and tried to make a butter cream. Without sugar, it turns out that cocoa powder based butter cream is extremely bitter! Whoops!

Here they are though:

So that’s it for now, a fat lot of nothing really. I don’t know about you, but that’s definitely how things happen in my kitchen when I try and learn something new.

Next stop, I’ll be reviewing a Mindful Chef box that I ordered to get me through dinners while the BF was away for a few days!

Until then, happy eating!


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