Experiment: Rose Panna Cotta with Rhuarb

Hello, hello!

This one isn’t so much me sharing my tips as asking for them, as I’ve branched out into a whole new world. We all have to learn at some point but so often, we see perfect recipes online and have no idea why ours turn out differently. So here’s where I’m at…

Have you noticed how panna cotta features on pretty much every dessert menu at the moment? I first tried it a couple of years ago and I’ve been a huge fan ever since, even though it’s full of dairy which I’m technically supposed to avoid!

Finally, I decided to try making the stuff myself and I wanted to use some of the rhubarb from the garden as an accompaniment to cut through the sweetness, so I opted for rose panna cotta. As luck would have it, someone else has done this and I managed to find this handy recipe.

For a first go, I don’t think I did too badly but my panna cotta was a bit firmer than I would have liked. Has anyone made it before? Do you know if I should just reduce the amount of gelatine?

The other thing I struggled with was getting them out of the ramekins, but maybe that was because they were so firmly set? Any advice would be greatly appreciated please!

This was the result though:


Panna Cotta

And yes, my rhubarb looks different to the recipe but I freestyled that bit as I already knew how I wanted that to come out.

Oh, and check out my pink glitter on top!


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