Recent, unsuccessful adventures in the kitchen…

Some of you may have noticed that my recent posting pattern has been somewhat different to how I started out, in that I’ve been rather quiet in the last week. There’s one very straightforward reason for this and that is that my recent kitchen adventures haven’t quite ended as I hoped they might. I toyed with whether or not to post this, (I think my ego was loathe to admit I’d failed so many times in a row) but I said this blog would show what happens in a real kitchen and it will. Sometimes things go wrong! Here are a few that have gone wrong for me recently:

Running from top left to bottom right:

Gluten free coffee and walnut cake: I made this for my dad’s birthday, except I didn’t have marg. in the house so I used oil. I’ve made cakes with oil before and they’ve been delicious, so I thought this would be the same. What I pulled from the oven was so raw and gooey in the middle that a huge amount of cake juice fell out of a crack in one of the layers. That didn’t make for a moist cake though, it still managed to cool into a rock solid lump of yuck. The coffee buttercream I main for the middle and top – that was to die for! I’ll be revisiting coffee and walnut cake again at some point in the near future.

Apple and blackberry crumble: This wasn’t a total disaster but it wasn’t a recipe worth sharing either. Luckily I used foraged berries and apples delivered from the parental garden in this, so that it wasn’t too expensive a mistake. In fairness, I got the fruit mix just right and that was using xylitol instead of sugar, so I’m happy with that. Even the BF said the fruity bit was good! The crumble bit was like talcum powder though. I deviated from what I usually do and it failed. Still edible though and I topped it with homemade custard – my first bash at that and it was lush! Check out this recipe as it’s what I used – super simple and DELISH!

Supposed-to-be orange muffins: Now, these muffins weren’t really a disaster, they just didn’t come out quite how I had intended. They are grain free, refined sugar free and dairy free. I was hoping they would come out with an orange flavour but they actually turned out to taste like bakewell, with some raspberry on the top. The texture was good, they all got eaten but they were an accident. I’ll be refining these soon, to provide a proper raspberry bakewell muffin recipe 🙂

Sweetpea pancake mix: When you read the packet, this says you can make either thick, American style pancakes or thin, crepe-like pancakes. I tried thick and ended up with a mangled mess. (I’m too embarrassed to share the picture!) Then I tried crepe-y and ended up with weirdly thick pancakes. And they have that healthy flavour that says they’re missing some of the crucial pancake ingredients. I’ve made regular, gluten free pancakes before which have been delicious; I will be making those again the next time I fancy a pancake, (which may be this weekend as I didn’t satisfy my craving with these).

So there you have it, that’s what I’ve been cooking up this last week – a whole lot of “yuck” and “oops”! Hopefully normal service will resume soon!


4 thoughts on “Recent, unsuccessful adventures in the kitchen…

  1. spamfred says:

    Thank you! The internet is so full of perfection, that I thought I’d try and help people feel more relaxed about the things that don’t turn out quite as expected 🙂


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