Superfood Bakery: Spirit Lifters Cookies

Every now and then I go on a bit of a health-kick, but knowing myself as I do, that means I have to find healthier versions of the treats I know and love.

This time round, I found out about Superfood Bakery and ordered myself some cookie mix that was free from gluten, dairy and cane sugar. The mix is quite sweet though as is uses coconut sugar, so don’t be fooled into thinking this is a sin free treat.


The mix

Sunday night I had the Sunday blues, aka I was blue because it was the weekend and I hadn’t had any dessert, so I cracked out the mix and gave these cookies a bash. I followed the instructions to the letter and here’s what I came out with:


Two of my four enormous cookies

Cookie Closer

Close up

One thing I will say is that the mixture spreads a lot. The recipe doesn’t specify how big your cookies should be before you put them in the oven, so I went for large but not ridiculous, which was four cookies. As you can see, they spread quite a lot and became so big that the BF and I ended up sharing one. Sharing, can you imagine!?!

Taste-wise, let’s not kid ourselves into thinking these taste like proper chocolate cookies, they absolutely taste like a healthy(ish) substitute, with quite a strong coconut twang. BUT, texture wise they’re pretty decent and they’re by no means horrible. If you’re on a restrictive diet like I am at the moment, these are a great way of making yourself feel like you’re having a cookie without being terribly naughty. For my money, I’d have a slice of the healthy-style chocolate cake I posted about a couple of weeks ago though.


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